Metamorphosis: Be the Change

I picked up the Metamorphosis quad a couple of weeks ago and I am madly in love with it.  This has seriously become my favorite all time pallet.  Dani from Coffee Break with Dani, who is such an inspiration.  If you don’t follow Coffee Break with Dani click on the red letters and do so!

She is a mom of two, Hispanic and is completely relatable.  I look forward to her videos.  A couple of weeks ago she posted that she has another collaboration with Colour Pop Cosmetics.  This times its an eyeshadow quad.  She goes on to explain…why don’t I just insert the video.

So there you have it.  Her photos are way better than mine! So anyway.  I love this.  She has also come up with many different looks for this pallet.  The beautiful thing about this is that you don’t just have to use it with the colors in the quad.

There are two neutral shades in the Pallet.  They are as follows.

DSCN1867 DSCN1877

DSCN1872 DSCN1873

There are also two transformer shades, which are:

DSCN1874 DSCN1875

DSCN1870 DSCN1878

Can you not die?  These are amazing.  The best part is that you can put these two shades over any color and they are completely different every time.  I love them.  I will be purchasing a back up of this, I will probably use them that much!

If you have purchased this, let me know what your thought are on them.