ILNP Haul and First Impressions

Hey all I am here with another ILNP Haul.  Seriously.  I have a problem with these polishes.  I am seriously addicted!  The people that created these have a direct line to my heart.  These polishes are just amazing.  I absolutely love them!

I recently picked up four new ones, all from the summer collections.  And I am in the process of placing another order.


The first of the latest colors that I have picked up is Closure.  This is a beautiful strawberry red holographic polish.  The formula is perfect.  Smooth and easy to work with.  This is a thicker formula than I usually get from their polishes, but it is so easy to work with.  Two coats and it is completely opaque.  You will need a topcoat, it dries a little dull, but worth it.  Amazing and unique color.  The only other red holographic I own is more of a dark brick red.  This is perfect for the summer!

DSCN1796This next one is Super Juiced.  Extremely unique to my collection This is a purple crelly polish with a pink duo-chrome shimmer running through it.  Opaque in two to three coats.  You will need a top coat as it dries almost matte, like a neon polish.  This formula is a tad on the thin side, it wants to run into my cuticles when I have too much on the brush.  Beautiful polish.   A must have!

Honor Roll

Next is Honor Roll.  This is a gorgeous inky blue holographic polish.  Opaque in two easy coats with a fabulous formula.  I have one other polish that is like this and that is from FUN Lacquer.  A great polish for that statement nail look in the summer.

Walking HomeLast but not least is Walking Home.  If you own Color Club’s Eternal Beauty, you don’t need this one.  I do have to say that I like this one more than Color Clubs, the purple is more vibrant in Walking Home.  Two coats and its completely opaque.  You will need a top coat for this one and Honor Roll as it dries a little dull.  The holo in these polishes is just amazing.  These photos were taken inside and no flash, this is just the lighting that I have available in my room.

I am as always, extremely impressed with ILNP, I preordered these on June 12 and got them in the mail on the 29th.  These have been restocked as of July 3rd, so get them while they are still available.  They are incredible reasonable on their prices.  And the shipping is really fast.  I am in love with this brand of polish.  If I had to get rid of all of my polishes and only keep one brand, this would be the one.

If you have purchased any polishes from the ILNP brand let me know which ones you got and what your thoughts are on them.


I Love Nail Polish

I recently bought several polishes from ILNP brand.  I decided that I wanted to review them for you all.  These are mostly from the spring 2015 line.

Thappily ever afterhis is Happily Ever After.  Just look at it!  It is a lilac holographic with a ton of silver flakies.  It is to die for!  Every time I take this off I want to put it back on!  It is so shiny that it is opaque in two coats.  The application is really smooth.  The formula is perfect, not to thick and not too thin.  I may need to purchase a back up bottle.





Fame is similar to Happily Ever After.  It is a light gold holographic polish with a ton of gold and silver flakies in it.  Opaque in two coats, this polish is to die for!  The application is so smooth that you wouldn’t think it had flakies in it and the formula is that same as Happily Ever After.  Beautiful polish.  I am in love with this, another one I may have to back up!


hush hHush (H) effortlessly shifts through spectacularly vivid hues of teal, blue, violet, orange, and red depending on the lighting you’re in.  It is opaque in three coats and it just stunning.  I typically follow the trend of the seasons but this is beautiful enough for all year wear.


mega s

Mega S is the MEGA (S) is the brightest, most intense pure holographic nail polish that I now own.  It is so stunning, and in the sunlight, if could stop traffic!  It is opaque in two-three coats depending on your application.  The formula is spot on.  A little on the thin side, but not hard to work with.  This came just in time.  I was actually going to wear Butter London’s Dodgy Barnett the day this arrived, but my bottle was apparently empty…. such great timing!


black orchidBlack orchid is probably their most notorious polish out there!  Black Orchid is an absolutely gorgeous deep burgundy / purple holographic polish.  Opaque in two coats with a perfect formula.  This polish is the bee’s knees!  It is so rich and vampy.  The holo properties are just stunning!  You need this in your life!  This polish came out in the Fall 2014 collection.




The lovely Champagne Blush is a sophisticated vintage pink holographic polish enveloped by a wonderfully crisp gold hue.  It kind of that grandma pink color, but I don’t care, it is beautiful!  It is the perfect natural pink color for my skin tone.  I daylight the holo in it is spectacular.  Opaque in two coats and the formula is perfect.  Not to think or thin.  I love this polish.



Overall I am extremely happy with these polishes.  They are the first of the ILNP Brand that I own.  Thank you jessface90 for inspiring this purchase.  These are just spectacular polishes.  Each one of them is unique.  I don’t have anything in my collection like them.  I love them.  I will continue to purchase from ILNP.  These polishes run around the $10.00 mark.  Shipping is fast and easy.  the packaging is fun and they are well packed!  The bottles are simple but sophisticated.  You can purchase these and many more from their website ILNP.

Note:  These photos were taken from ILNP site, as it seems that every time I go to upload my own photos they seem to disappear.

March Favorites

Its that time again, another month gone by and I am once again facing my beauty items trying to figure out what are my latest favorites.  So let’s get started!

Powered Countour Cleansing System BlueMy skincare routine hasn’t really changed.  I am washing my face with Olay Va-Va Vivid Cleanser set.  I love this thing.  It is like a clarisonic, but more budget friendly.  I am not really a fan of the cleanser that comes with it because it dries my skin out, but the brush is amazing and it can be used with any facial cleanser.Youth Code™ Serum Intense - Treatments

I am still using the Loreal Youth Code Serum Intense.  I love this stuff.  My skin feels smoother and softer, but firmer and it helps keep the fine lines and wrinkles at bay.  This is usually followed by the Olay Fresh effects Dew Over moisturizing gel and the bright and shine eye cream.  Yep, no change there.


I am also trying to do a facial mask about once a week.  This past month I have really been into the Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar and the Avocado and Oatmeal masks




Foundation hasn’t changed.  I am still loving the Maybelline Fit me Dewy and Smooth In 120 Classic Ivory.   Medium coverage, and light weight.  I actually find that I forget that I’m wearing it.  My blush and finishing powder also hasn’t changed since last month.

My eye makeup changes almost daily, but this month, since we are finally in spring I have really been reaching for the Too Faced A La Mode pallet.  Funny thing is that I saw this pallet and I bought it because I really really liked it and I had never tried their shadows before, so I thought that this would be a good one to start with (this came out before the Chocolate Bar Pallet)  and it got great reviews.  I got it and maybe used it five times and quit.  But recently I have really been into it.  It has great colors for that end of winter, beginning of spring look.  And they are gorgeous colors!  Mascara and Eye liner haven’t changed.

Nail Polish is where its at this month.  I am in love with my Colores De Carol polishes, like madly in love with them.

Favorite band of the month:  If you caught my post the other day about a local band then you can guess where this is headed.  Favorite band this month is The New Translation.

Favorite Book:  Alice in deadland, and that is really only because its the only book that I read this month…sad, I know.  I need to work on that!

So that is it for my monthly favorites!  What are you loving for the month of March?


F.U.N. Lacquer

So this is the newest addition to my polish collection.  It is so beautiful I almost have no words.  This is Starry Night in the Summer by F.U.N Lacquer.  It is an inky blue creme polish with a holographic shimmer.  It is gorgeous.  The formula is impeccable. It is almost opaque in one coat.  I am seriously in love with this polish.  You need this in your life.  I purchased mine for $16.50 at live. love. polish

This beauty is also a new addition to my polish collection.  This is Secret from F.U.N. Lacquer.  This is a teal holographic glitter polish. But it is densely packed.  It can be totally opaque in 3-4 four coats, but I have decided to wear it with Butter London’s Slapper as a base color since they are extremely similar in color.  I am not as big of a fan of this one because if you look at the swatch and bottle it looks like a creme polish, but it’s not.  Still it is a gorgeous polish, and one I am sure to get a lot of use out of.


Glisten and Glow

Hey all, I have a nail polish related post for you all.  Last week I received my first every indie polishes from Glisten and Glow.  So before I launch into my review of the two that I received let me give you a little back story.

So as I ave previously mentioned I am a YouTube junkie.  And one of the women that I watch is Nicole from Young Wild and Polished.  She is super funny and addicting to watch.  She loves camels and is just great.  She is very good when it comes to giving reviews of products and when I am doing homework on something that I am interesting in buying, she is the first person that I look for because I know she has all the latest in makeup trends.  This is the link to her YouTube channel: Young Wild and Polished.

So she did a collaboration with Jill from Glisten and Glow, who is the creator of the famed hk girl topcoat.  I am already a fan of the topcoat, but I have never gotten any of her polishes.  So when Nicole announced that she had two polishes coming out with Glisten and Glow, I caved and finally bought my first indie polishes.  One is a blurple holographic and the other is a micro glitter polish.  They are gorgeous!

I will insert pictures here and these are taken directly from glisten and Glows sight, I will link the pictures with her website.

On Jills site, she describes them as the following

Good Day: gorgeous kinda blue, kinda purple beauty with a linear holo and shimmy and a little bit of errthang in a jellie formula

Topaz: gorgeous micro glitter that is totally opaque in 2-3 coats. Micro glitters in medium pink, medium blue, dark pink, silver and black with that added holo glittery bling.  This can also be worn without topcoat as a texture.

They can be purchase together or seperately.  They are $10.50 each or $20.00 for the pair.

Now I am not really a big fan of jellie polishes, but these are so amazing.  You can get Good day opaque in two coats depending on how thick you want your polish.  I was a little disapointed with Topaz as it was not opaque in 2-3 coats as stated on the website.  so I will have to find a sheer nude to put on under it, I am just not a fan of a visible nail line.

Overall I give them 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend them to everyone.  I am not sure how long they will be available, so get them while you can!


Early Christmas for me

So My Christmas to myself finally arrived, I was pretty excited about it showing up before Christmas, so I can wear them for our party.  YAY.  After finishing up all of the Christmas shopping I had to do for family and friends, I decided to do something for myself, besides this is the best time to get things that you have been lemming after because of the fantastic sales.  So I did.  Now they weren’t really on sale, but my Sephora doesn’t carry it in the store.  So I had to buy online.  I am so glad that I did.  I have been looking at these two colors online for quite some time.

So I bought two new shades from Marc Jacobs Polish Line.  I bought Secret Love and Cora.  I am excited about them.

 Marc Jacobs secret love- eggplant purple (

 Marc Jacobs Cora- black grape (

Both of these colors are dark, but rich and gorgeous!  I am absolutely in love with them.  Today I am wearing Cora on my fingers and Secret Love on my toes.  They are both beautiful shades, although Cora is more red than grape.  The formula on both is amazing and Secret love is almost opaque in one coat.  I always do two anyway.

So Merry Christmas to me!


October 2014

I am finally back with my complete ipsy bag.  If you remember from one of my previous posts I talked about getting this month bag, but only receiving two of the items that I was supposed to receive.  Well yesterday it finally showed up and I am here to share it with you.

October’s theme was Beauty Candy so when you received your bag in the mail it comes it the usual pink mailer envelope.  This month the makeup bag was teal in color with a side zipper and had a square design on it, almost like quilting.  The bag its self is pretty nice.

So each month you will receive 4-5 beauty related products that are based off of your personality test that you take when you sign up.  I will leave a link for the site at the end of the post.  So here is what I received this month:

Épicé International Purifying Exfoliant 1.0 fl. oz:  Full size is 3.3 oz and is $32.00.  I haven’t tried it yet but I am really starting to get into skin care so I am sure that I will get some use out of this.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream 20ml:  This is a full size product and is $6.56.  I received the scent of Rose Berry.   It is a really nice scent, not to overpowering.  The formula is great non greasy.  I really like this product, may have to pick some up in the future.

Model Co. Volumizing Mascara 7g: The full size of this product is 14g and is $20.00.  I actually just used it this morning and so far so good, we will have to see how the day goes on and I will report back soon!

Nicole by OPI Nail Polish: This is a full size product at $9.00.  I already own a couple of other colors in this line, but not this one, formula is great not too streaky a dream to apply.  the color I received was Feeling Very Cherry which is a dark red color.  I already own several other polishes in this color so I am not really excited about color, but nonetheless another one to add to my collection.

Starlooks lip gloss 0.3 oz.:  Full size product is $20.00.  This has a great formula not too sticky and a great everyday color for me.  I will  get a lot of use out of it…in fact I am wearing it today.

The Ipsy Glambag is a $10 monthly subscription and this month’s total value of products is: $39.26

Overall I am really happy with this month bag, I will get a lot of use out of the products that were sent to me.  I am really happy with just about everything actually and excited about trying products from new brands.

Here is the link to the website as promised!