Spirit Sticks and Sunburns

Today was just awesome!  Today my campers went to the Annual Association Field Day at one of our branches.

This was our second field trip, and overall things turned out pretty great.  The Association Field Day is where all of the Camps that are apart of our association gather together in one location to be together, be loud and proud and to play games together.  Today there were five of our branches in attendance.  We had a total of about 40 kids today.  We were small, but we were mighty.

I was kind of concerned about the weather, and another canceled trip, but they decided to go ahead.  When we got to our destination, we were a little lost, none of us had been to one of these before.  They started this several years, after I stopped working as a counselor at my other YMCA.  I met up with another camp director, and she was trying to get some answers as to where we should go.  After getting some answers, I took my kids to the port a potties for a bathroom break and to the gym to await the other camps to show up to start.  The weather wasn’t very cooperative at first, it wasn’t raining, it was misting, but it was enough to drive us inside.

We finally got things started and completed our opening ceremony and were off for lunch before games.  We were asked to plan a water game and a dry game to teach to the other camps as they rotated between stations, but that didn’t work out.  They decided that we weren’t going to do the water games, and that we would just fall in line with another camp and follow them.  There didn’t end up being a rotation, but we made do.

We played many a game with our campers and some of the other camps decided to join in our fun.  We played Bob the Weasel and it was so catchy that as I was doing my rounds between my groups I saw that other groups were playing as well.  We sang several camp songs and yelled numerous chants.  By 1:00 the sun was starting to peak through and the humidity began to rise and my campers got really tired and restless so I decided that we were going to play the games that I had planned to teach, which were some of our favorite games.  We started out with the leaky cup challenge.

You split your group up into two teams.  You need two cups with holes in them and four buckets, two filled with water. Your teams use the cups and fill them with water race to the other end of the boundary and put the remainder of the water in the empty bucket.  The team that fills the bucket up first wins, or in our case gets to dump the bucket of water on a counselor.  Our kids had so much fun that other camps wanted to join in.

We finished up around 2 and started heading to the bathrooms for our final bathroom break before hitting the bus and to hydrate after running around like crazy.  We took a giant all association picture.  And then we were told that we had to stay for closing ceremony.  So we gathered our campers up in the field behind the YMCA that we were at and waited.  They were getting restless again so we sang some more songs and yelled some more chants until the event coordinator came out to close out the day.  He took his spirit stick and played a chanting game with each branch, the higher the stick was in the air the louder we were to get, the lower to the ground the quieter we needed to be.  He thanked everyone for their participation and tallied up all of the points.  Then he said that there was one branch that showed great sportsmanship, were really excited and pumped up, good listeners, well-behaved and embodied the Four Core Values of the YMCA.  Can you guess who?  Before I tell you who, I want to explain what this all means.

Each year the Spirit Stick is awarded to Y Camp that meets the criteria listed above.  Since starting this, one branch almost always wins.  When you are awarded the Spirit Stick, you get to take it with you for the rest of summer, and bring it back next season for the next Association Field Day.  You also get to make your mark on it, and receive bragging rights among the association.

So if you guess my camp, your right!  Not only was it our first time attending the Field Day but it is also our first outing after becoming apart of the association!  I am so proud of my campers.  They were so excited.  None of them thought that they would get it.  So this weekend, I will be purchasing a Kelly green spoon of ribbon and a white or silver paint marker and making our mark on the Spirit Stick.  By the end of the day myself and some of the other counselors had a little bit of a sunburn on our faces, but when most of the day if over cast you don’t really think about using sun screen….o well…

field day 2

I am so proud of my campers.  They behaved very well today, the listened every time.  They were amazing.  Today was an amazing day!


The New Translation

Okay so remember when I was out that entire week from being sick?  Remember I said that I went through my music library in search of better things for my iPod? Well I came across this little gem of a CD and immediately knew I needed to listen to it.  You can find them on iTunes, just search the band’s name.

This is a group of boys that I grew up with.  I don’t think the band is together anymore because we all grew up and had to get adult jobs, but nonetheless they were huge where I am from. Kind of like Story of the Year which I am sure most of you have heard of, they are also from the stl area.  any way I digress.  They were an amazing band and they really had a great thing going!  I can remember going to many of their concerts.  They are just great.  So when I came across my copy of their album shift, I immediately put it on my iPod and put the CD in my car.  I have not stopped listening to it since.  Seriously.  Not that I didn’t already know their songs by heart, but I love it.  With the weather being as nice as it has been, it’s been a roll down the windows and crank up the volume mode with this one.  So below is two of their songs and a little meet the band video I found while searching for their songs.  Please enjoy!  Let me know what you thing about them!

Fall From Grace

Blank Stares

Meet The New Translation

New Years Resolutions

As we near the end of the year, I thought I would share with you my new years resolutions.

This year I am going to cut down on my spending.  In reality I don’t need anything else!  I have just about everything that I need, in fact as my holiday break continues, I have increased my decluttering and organizing projects.  I have now officially done the upstairs bathroom.

I would like to not work crazy hours, but that is life without a degree.  I would also like to be more attentive to my current jobs and be more creative with them.  I would like to find a happy balance between all of them.

Of course, I have to go with the Number one trend for new years resolutions and that is be healthier and lose weight.

I would like to be able to do more things with my life, socially and professionally.

I don’t really know that there is anything else that I need to add to this.  I think that about covers it!  Not too many and nothing that is really out of reach in reality.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

Lifestyle Change Update

An update on my room organization.  Things have come to a halt, with finals, and crazy schedules and no time for myself until this week.  But I am pretty much done with my projects.  I have completed everything in my previous post about reorganizing my life.  Lifestyle Changes  Since making these changes, My time has improved, if only for a few precious minutes.  The closest is organized by item so coats/jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, blouses, tank tops and then pants/jeans.  All in that order, I didn’t put closest organizers in but I don’t really need that.  The hamper being in the closest is probably the best thing I have done.  It has really opened up the room and it’s not out on display for everyone to see, which is really great.

I did purchase two black canvas boxes for my tall boy and wow.  It looks so much better!  Now when you open the doors, you don’t have stuff falling out and it just looking terrible, it actually looks good, mainly because the boxes hide the stuff that you have in them.  There is a little space in between them so I have my computer and my walking dead comics stored there.

Moving down the wall, we get to the bookshelf, which I sorta reorganized.  I basically just took several books on each shelf and turned them on their side.  The bookshelf now looks like I have more room than I really do and now I have places to place the items that I have stored there.  I took out all of my Cd’s and reorganized them, first by genre and then by artist.

Moving down the wall again and we come to my dresser.  This was the big part of my project: the dresser drawers, this is also where the majority of the clothes that I use during the week are housed.  I cleaned out and organized my “junk” drawer, this is the place that I randomly put things that I don’t really have a place for.  Next drawer down is where all of my t-shirts are at, and this new way of folding and placing them in the drawers is a total life changer.  In the morning I can literally just grab what I need.  I will insert pictures after I take them.  I have done this to this drawer and the one below it, which has a mismatch of things.  This drawer has some t-shirts, my guarding shorts and my yoga pants and leggings.  my shorts i just roll up and put in the center.  it is so much easier to deal with.  The bottom drawer is where I put in my sock organizer.  In it I have placed all of my unmentionables, so my bra’s underwear and socks.  This thing is amazing.  I now don’t have to open and search for what I want in the morning.  I can open it and see everything, and I know exactly where it is!  It’s the best thing in the world.  These two changes alone have made all the difference in my life thus far.

the shoe thing is still up in the air.  I bought a shoe organizer, not the one that I wanted, thinking that it would work just as well but it doesn’t.  because the dividers aren’t attached to the bottom of the organizer, the shoes just fall right out and don’t stay organized.  It was a total waste of money.  So this next paycheck, I will be purchasing the under bed skirt  shoe thing that I really wanted.  The shoes have been the biggest challenge thus far, with trying to find places to place them.

I did find a basket that I wasn’t using so all of the pillows that I don’t sleep on at night go in the basket and that is now at the bottom of my bed.  I want to redo the placement of my polish shelves, because right now they just look like total crap.  They are organized and look good, it’s just the placement of them.

I have fixed the placement of my photos that are on the wall, they look better, not exactly what I wanted, but when you have very little space on the wall, you get what you get.  I now have a photo corner.  All of the photos of friends and family are now on one wall by my piano.  It looks like a gallery, which is kinda what I was going for.

I did get to paint my makeup storage thing.  But the issue is that I am really not happy with the way it turned out, not at all.  We got a break in the cold weather for a couple of days last month and that is when I painted them, but I had to sand them down because they were shiny plastic surface, but the paint didn’t really stick to it.  It did in some places, but not really the places that mattered.  So I may be picking up some new ones, maybe I can get them colored already.  I have seen some amazing photos online about what people have done with them but I guess I am just not that crafty enough to get the vision that I want.  I painted the frame black and the drawers a gumdrop purple to match the theme of my room.  Maybe I will start saving my money for an acrylic set.  Since in reality that is really what I need.  Maybe I will go to Wal-Mart today and see what they have available, since their website says they have some available at my local store….

Keeping the room clean isn’t really all that hard, as it has become apart of my daily/weekly ritual.  Clothes are always an issue as I am always changing outfits to suit the days needs.  Its kinda like wearing different hats for different jobs as the saying goes.  But instead of changing hats, I have to change outfits.

As Christmas comes upon us I have gotten out the Christmas decorations for my room and of course in order to drag things like that out you have to destroy the organization to get to it at first.  But that’s okay.  I am loving all of the changes that I have been making.  People that I work with have said that I have become a little obsessed with organizing and cleaning my space of zen, but I see it as making my life easier in any way possible.

What I have done with my room has actually inspired my sister and my father to keep their places in a more organized manner.  my sister has been working on her room at her parent’s house and has made a major dent in her room and my father has been keeping the living room and kitchen cleaner, but mainly because we have been renovating the house and he is proud of his new additions.

So that is my update on my organization project.  It is really working and making a difference in my life and I am enjoying every minute of it!

A Bit of Randomness

We are officially a week away from Christmas!  Do you have your shopping completed?  Great news, my cousin had her baby last night.  I am so excited for her and her husband.  Another addition to the family.  I am hoping that all went well with the delivery since I have not heard anything since we found out that it was happening.

I bought myself a Christmas present yesterday.  I figured that since I was buying for everyone else, I might as well splurge on myself while I’m at it.  So I purchased two new Marc Jacobs polish.  I love Petra so much that I thought I would try out the other types of polish in the line.  They probably won’t be in until after the holiday, but that’s okay.  no rush, I would rather they end up in one piece instead of in a rush and broken.  So I am excited about that.  I bought Cora- described as black grape and Secret Love- described as an opaque eggplant purple.  Yes they are both of the same family, but they are so pretty in the photos that I have seen.  I was so impressed with Petra that I wanted others.  I am not really all that happy about the price tag, but then again, Deborah Lippmann polishes are more expensive.

I am  enjoying the latest ipsy bag, not too keen on the bag, but that is what friends are for right?  In fact my sister has this obsession of using bags as organizers for her purse….crazy I know, but whatever works.

I am still working the death cure, I am almost done with it so there will be a book review soon!

Totally random I know.  my next post will be better!  Promise

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

So its official.  We are in the holiday season and with just under three weeks until christmas, I have absolutely no idea what to get anyone for christmas….grrrr.  Welcome to the holiday season right?  My father needs a new remote for his tv because my brother broke his, but because he is being a stickler on it, I have decided to get him that for christmas, not that he reads this anyway.  And Dad, if you are, you are now aware of your christmas present…Surprise!

My brother, not a freaking clue.  I have an idea of what I want to give him but he wouldn’t stand for it.  So the problem is I usually prefer getting someone something that I know they are going to actually use, but my brother will use it for a month and it will end up somewhere in the endless whole of a dump that is his room (although I just cleaned it so it’s actually not that bad at the moment).  My sister is finally just getting into makeup and such so there is that possibility, but she gave me a list of things that she is always up for, and since she reads this, I’m not saying anymore.  Haha sis!

And of course there is the people who I work with that I need to consider.  I think I am going to do christmas cards for my Child Watch staff, the same for Aquatics.  The directors and supervisory staff that I work for I think I want to do something a little more involved.  And before you get all buttkisser on me, no I am not doing it for that reason.  I am doing it because this is another year that I got to be employed and doing something close to my heart, and as a thank you I want to get them something a little extra…everyone loves Bath and Body Works right?

okay so maybe I do kind of have my ducks in a row, but still.  Just because I have a list, doesn’t actually mean that I have bought any of it!

oh, and the weather, first we were going to get a wintery mix monday day, then it was supposed to go south of us, and we still got it, but no one was expecting it to be over night, and not sleet.  I broke my ice scraper yesterday morning and was late into work because if the weather… and the roads, terrible at 5 am, but I can’t totally blame the road crews because the entire area wasn’t expecting what we got.

On the plus side though, our home improvement is slowly coming to a finish.  We have officially finished the basement and we are attempting to finish the kitchen before we move on to the upstairs bathroom.  We bought a stove and hood range for the kitchen yesterday and will be getting those saturday and installed.  YAY.  it’s about time, seriously.  the oven door doesn’t close anymore, the hood range doesn’t work at all. and its so outdated.  So excited for that!  then to work on the backsplash and wallpaper.  So that is my life.  How is yours going so far this week?

Take it Easy Breezy

Okay all of you Black Friday Shoppers!  While you are out and about and running around getting the must have gifts just remember the reason for the season.  And to quote one of my favorite songs

“Take it easy breezy, because you got a long way to slide!”


October 2014

I am finally back with my complete ipsy bag.  If you remember from one of my previous posts I talked about getting this month bag, but only receiving two of the items that I was supposed to receive.  Well yesterday it finally showed up and I am here to share it with you.

October’s theme was Beauty Candy so when you received your bag in the mail it comes it the usual pink mailer envelope.  This month the makeup bag was teal in color with a side zipper and had a square design on it, almost like quilting.  The bag its self is pretty nice.

So each month you will receive 4-5 beauty related products that are based off of your personality test that you take when you sign up.  I will leave a link for the site at the end of the post.  So here is what I received this month:

Épicé International Purifying Exfoliant 1.0 fl. oz:  Full size is 3.3 oz and is $32.00.  I haven’t tried it yet but I am really starting to get into skin care so I am sure that I will get some use out of this.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream 20ml:  This is a full size product and is $6.56.  I received the scent of Rose Berry.   It is a really nice scent, not to overpowering.  The formula is great non greasy.  I really like this product, may have to pick some up in the future.

Model Co. Volumizing Mascara 7g: The full size of this product is 14g and is $20.00.  I actually just used it this morning and so far so good, we will have to see how the day goes on and I will report back soon!

Nicole by OPI Nail Polish: This is a full size product at $9.00.  I already own a couple of other colors in this line, but not this one, formula is great not too streaky a dream to apply.  the color I received was Feeling Very Cherry which is a dark red color.  I already own several other polishes in this color so I am not really excited about color, but nonetheless another one to add to my collection.

Starlooks lip gloss 0.3 oz.:  Full size product is $20.00.  This has a great formula not too sticky and a great everyday color for me.  I will  get a lot of use out of it…in fact I am wearing it today.

The Ipsy Glambag is a $10 monthly subscription and this month’s total value of products is: $39.26

Overall I am really happy with this month bag, I will get a lot of use out of the products that were sent to me.  I am really happy with just about everything actually and excited about trying products from new brands.

Here is the link to the website as promised!