Metamorphosis: Be the Change

I picked up the Metamorphosis quad a couple of weeks ago and I am madly in love with it.  This has seriously become my favorite all time pallet.  Dani from Coffee Break with Dani, who is such an inspiration.  If you don’t follow Coffee Break with Dani click on the red letters and do so!

She is a mom of two, Hispanic and is completely relatable.  I look forward to her videos.  A couple of weeks ago she posted that she has another collaboration with Colour Pop Cosmetics.  This times its an eyeshadow quad.  She goes on to explain…why don’t I just insert the video.

So there you have it.  Her photos are way better than mine! So anyway.  I love this.  She has also come up with many different looks for this pallet.  The beautiful thing about this is that you don’t just have to use it with the colors in the quad.

There are two neutral shades in the Pallet.  They are as follows.

DSCN1867 DSCN1877

DSCN1872 DSCN1873

There are also two transformer shades, which are:

DSCN1874 DSCN1875

DSCN1870 DSCN1878

Can you not die?  These are amazing.  The best part is that you can put these two shades over any color and they are completely different every time.  I love them.  I will be purchasing a back up of this, I will probably use them that much!

If you have purchased this, let me know what your thought are on them.


Coming out

This isn’t what I had planned to share with you but after watching this I fell the need to share this with you.

Ingrid Nilsen is one of the most inspiring people to me.  We all know that I am a youtube junkie.  I look forward to each and everyone of her videos.  She is the most beautiful, inspiring and most well put together person I know.  She has been in inspiration for many of the things that I have accomplished in my life this far.

Yesterday she posted this video.

I had no idea what it was about.  I saw that she had posted a video and I clicked on it to watch.  Before I get into this, I must tell you that most of my friends are gay, in one way or another.  No gay happy, but Gay LGBT.  Being around people that are gay does not bother me on bit.

I had no idea, until her video.  I am so happy for her that she is finally out.  I could see the stress she has been under build up over the past several years and when she finally just said it yesterday, I could see the stress falling off.  It is never easy to tell people something that intimate about you.  I went through something similar.  We all go through phases.  I dated a girl in high school and we kept it from just about everyone, parents included, except for our closest friends.  We did that because we weren’t sure if it was a phase or if we really were gay.  It turned out to be a phase for me, her, not so much.  And she is now happily married to her partner.  But when my mother found out and questioned me about it, I was terrified.  My parents are a bit on the older side, so I was harder for them to except my experimentation.

I completely understand why she battled with it.  People are mean, its just their nature.  If something is out of the norm, its hard for people to accept.

Ingrid, if you are reading this, which if you are, please leave me a comment, I would love to get in touch with you.  I am so happy for you, and I don’t want to you to get discouraged.  People are in shock and are in a society where homosexuality is new and a growing trend.  Just remember that there are people out there that truly support you.  I am one of them.  Your journey is just beginning, and it will not be an easy one, but just remember that you did not choose this path, it chose you.  You are such a positive person and a role model.  We are the same age, in two different parts of the country, but I will always be there for you supporting you.  Stay positive.  You go Girl!

Long Time….No Words

I am sorry that I have not been able to write in two weeks.  I have been extremely busy here in the last few weeks.  An explanation is in order.

As some of you may know I work for a YMCA and I was chosen to be the Camp Director.  The last few weeks have been filled with planning, hiring and training.  Monday was our first day on camp.

Things are hit and miss.  We got rain and cold weather on day one, which in my book, doesn’t really count.  Last year their camp consisted of swimming, free time and more swimming and free time.  This year we are changing this up.  Most parents have accepted out new way of thinking.  The kids weren’t too happy with it at first, but now that they have been exposed to new ideas and games, they are all gung-ho. Most Parents weren’t thrilled about he new paper work, but with merging companies comes new policies and procedures.  After we explained the new papers they were a little more understanding about the change.

Friday was great.  Parents were calling and telling us just how happy and impressed they were with the first week of camp.  Their kids would come home and talk about their days and the things they did and then pass out at bed time.  When I heard about that I was elated.  My work has paid off.  Parent’s are finally happy with the camp program.

My goal this year was to have 50 children signed up.  My boss didn’t expect more than 20.  After collecting all of the new paperwork from campers that didn’t register in advance, we have 70 campers registered, and no less than 50 each week.  I am flabbergasted.  Seriously stunned.  Its pretty much split down the middle, 50% returning campers and 50% new campers.  I couldn’t be happier.

Thursday night I ended up with whatever is going around.  Everyone I am surrounded with has it.  So, yes I am sick once again.

My goal is to keep up with my uploading schedule as it stands now, but I cannot guarantee content everyday, as I am a very busy woman this summer.  I have so much that I want to share with you and I apologize for not getting anything posted for the last two weeks.



So I went to the doctor on Monday.  It wasn’t bad news but it wasn’t completely happy news either.

My blood work came back and everything is perfect with the exception of my blood pressure and blood sugar.  They weren’t extremely high, but high enough that he is concerned.

We talked about my migraines and the terrible reaction I had from the imitrex.  He wasn’t happy when I told him about my reaction.  If I didn’t tell you before.  The Nurse Practitioner gave me imitrex for my migraines.  She told me to take it if I couldn’t get them under control.  Well about a week later I took it and omg.  I went  from having a migraine to a bomb going off in my head.  The pain was so intense.  I was on the phone with someone when it kicked in and I stopped talking.  I couldn’t focus on anything but the pain because it was so sudden and disabling.  It was so bad that I couldn’t form a coherent sentence.  I hung up the phone and took an hour and a half nap.  It helped, but it just wasn’t enough.  I ended up going to work with the worst migraine on the face of the planet.  I got sent home early.  I was crabby and crying it was so intense.  I have honestly never experienced anything like that ever.  I will never take that medication again.

So the doctor put me on tramadol.  Yay!  Another medication!  He told me it was a pain killer, but non-dependent, non-narcotic and it was low-grade.  I haven’t tried it yet because he told me to do it on a weekend first to see how I react to the medication because it can cause drowsiness.  So I will report back with that one.

The other thing we talked about was my weight.  Now I am by no means a small woman.  I am not extremely over weight, but I’m not skinny either.  The photo for my profile picture is several years old.  So we talked about what needs to change.  I have been working on loosing weight, but with my schedule as it is at the moment, its hard to schedule it in.  So he suggested a weight loss program.  His office offers a program, but financially it was just too far out of reach.

So we talked about some other alternatives.  He suggested Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.  I know what you are thinking.  That’s a lot of work and time that I just don’t have the time to devote to it.  I thought the same thing.  But then I realized that a program is just what I needed to keep me on track.  Doctor wants me to loose 50 pounds in 6 months.  Doable right?  I think so.  That is just u over 8 lbs a month.  Not to bad.  So I joined.  It’s not really in my budget, but I figured if I followed what the program offered and but out most of the fast food, I would be able to afford it.  $20 a month isn’t all that bad anyway, considering i spend $10 a month on the ipsy bag.

My first weigh in was this morning.  I am down two lbs since starting.  I am pretty excited about that!

I really like Weight Watchers.  I still get to eat what I want to.  I am not really hungry either.  I can snack on fruit and veggies all day because they don’t have a point value.  Water is always within reach anyway.  I have stopped eating out of a bag from a fast food joint.  Breakfast now consists of coffee, a smoothie and a protein shake.  Lunch?  Yesterday my brother and I made blt sandwiches!  Seriously!  They were really good and filling.  I made my dinner right after we finished lunch and took it to work to eat.  It was amazing.  Penne pasta with spinach and tomatoes.  It was really good.  Everyone at work wanted some!

Do I have decided to continue on with Fitness Fridays as a weight loss journey, diary and a way to on track.  Friday’s are my weigh in days so I thought it appropriate to just update you on it then.

This program is easy to follow.  You are given a certain number of points each day and you have to use them all.  You are also given a certain number of extra points to splurge.  You can eat what you want, as long as it’s in moderation.  If you run out of points before the day is up you can trade your activity points for food points, as long as you stay active that is.

The dietary part of this is just one part of my struggle, but its the biggest part of my struggle.  Because my schedule is so crazy, I have gotten into the habit of eating on the go, so it was just easier to go to the drive through and eat on the run.  I have to stop that.  But I also have to find a way to eat healthy while on the go.

So if you have any suggestions for me please feel free to leave them below!  Thank you for coming with me on my journey!  I need all the support I can get!

April Favorites

Its that time of the month again!  I am here with my April Favorites!  Leave me a comment below and tell me what products you have been loving this month!

Let start with the Lips this month:

I seriously have an addiction to this stuff!  This is the best lip treatment for cracked or chapped lips.  I have mentioned it before on here.  But this has saved my lips!

The elf Studio lip exfoliator is the bombdotcom….yes I really just said that! I love this thing.  It takes a hot second to get used to, but it is amazing.  I use this at night before I put on the lip mask(see above).  I love it! And its only three bucks!


We are getting into the warmer months and I always have issues with dry skin when the weather changes.  This has been my go to face mask here lately.  It is great.  It polishes and exfoliates my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and healthy.  I highly recommend this product if you are unsure about masking or just getting into it.  It can be found at Walmart and is very budget friendly!

Want a great primer?  Look no further than here!  This primer is pricey, but totally worth it!  I got this in an ipsy bag several months ago, and I ended up buying a full size because I love it so much!  It isn’t greasy and really makes your foundation stay on all day!


Can you even?  I mean seriously?!  I am loving this pallet this month.  It is great for adding that pop of color to any eye look. I love the blue for the lower lash line and the pink to darken  up the outer v.

Just got this baby in my ipsy bag this month, and I love this.  It really makes me want to purchase the whole pallet, but I already have too many nude pallets now…such a struggle!  This is a great all over the lid shade for me!  I am so happy with this.  It is really buttery and smooth and it has great color payoff.

Another ipsy product is this eyeliner from Mally in the color starlight.  It stays in the waterline almost all day.  It is a liner that you have to build up the color on, but so worth it!  I love this.  It does have some sparkle to it, but not enough to be noticeable, just enough to add a highlight.  Gorgeous!


I finally finished my winter scented body wash and immediately grabbed this baby.  This smells so good(sniffs bottle)…AHHHH!  Sooo Good. obsessed with this scent I tell you! From the bottle, the scents are:

  • Top Notes: Strawberry Guava, Kona Mountain Apple, Lush Kiwi
  • Mid Notes: Pink Hibiscus, Hawaiian Red Pineapple, Exotic Heliconia, Papaya Blossom
  • Dry Notes: Coral Sands Accord, Creamy Macadamia, Skin Musk.


And here I thought caffeine was addicting.  This stuff smells so good, if I could live anywhere, it would be in this bottle!  I love anything herbal scented, it just clears the mind and allows me to relax.  This shampoo and conditioner has saved my hair.  It has really helped pull out the chlorine and kept it nice and clean.  I love this stuff.  I actually bought this for my brother who is having some dandruff issues, but I hijacked it and replaced his.

So you all know how much I love the Herbal essence naked line.  Well after finally getting my hair colored, I decided that I needed to get some more dry shampoo and I found this little beauty right here.  I love this!  It not only is formulated for people with color treated hair, but it works great too.  And the smell….roses….enough said!  Love this!

This is another beauty from this months Ipsy.  I am considering purchasing the full size, but seriously, how fast am I going to go through this bottle?  Maybe in the future if I run out.  I love this product.  You put it in your hair on dry or damp hair and style.  I usually put it on after I style, because my curls are usually still setting.  But it is beautiful.  My hair is so soft and shiny.  I love this, and its really light too, it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Last but not least my favorite subject…Nails:

Just take a moment and pull up another tab and look up this polish.  Then come back here and tell me how much you want this polish!  I am obsessed with this color, Hush H.  And that added holo shimmer is to die for.  I bought this after watching jessface90 on YouTube do a review of these.  Omg.  opaque in two-three coats, and stunning!

Another beautiful polish from the same line, This is Happily Ever After.  Opaque in two coats.  It is a lavender holographic polish with a ton, I mean a ton of silver flakies.  It is so gorgeous.  I will be purchasing a back up bottle of this!  Its just stunning in any light! The formula is so smooth, even with all of the flakies in the bottle.  OMG i cannot…there are no words!

 This is now the most holographic polish that I own and in great timing because I went to use Butter London’s Dodgy Barnett, and realized that I was out….Seriously….OUT!  Anyway.  Another great polish with an amazing formula.  Opaque in two-three coats, and amazing in any light. Freaking amazing and cannot live without.  I had no idea what I was missing!

Serially Found

Today’s Prompt: write about finding something.

Over the past six months, something in me has changed.  Not for the bad, but for the better.  If you know me personally, you know that I am not a very open person, which is why I decided to start blogging.  To give myself a space to just vent and be me.

I started working at the membership desk at another Y in September of 2014 and it has been great.  I love it.  But I was a little uncomfortable at first because I had to step out of my box.  I was forced to talk to complete strangers and be okay with it.  This was a challenge for me.  I am a not a very social person.  I just not, there I said it, and now the whole world knows.

This job has really changed me.  I am more comfortable with being around people.  I talk to just about everyone…my father complains that I just don’t shut it anymore.  I have become much more outgoing.  And I love it.  I am not that awkward girl anymore.  People don’t wonder as much about the strange girl in the corner.

I have found my confidence and my social side of me.  The person I think I was always meant to be, and not the weird shy girl the people I went to high school with know.  I have found a new me, and I really like her.  I am not afraid anymore.

School Sends Girl Home

I was on my facebook this morning perusing for a photo of my dog ( see previous post) When I came across this article.

School Sends Girl Home

The article states that this girl was sent home for inappropriate dress.  Look at the photos and tell me how she is dressed inappropriately?  Do you feel like women are being picked on?  I mean if we wear something too provocative we are labeled something that we are not, but if we cover everything up and dress conservatively then we are dressed inappropriate?  Please tell me how that works?  Ladies, any thoughts on this?


Punishment Gone Too Far?

Yesterday I got an email, my daily email from The Blaze and I see this picture.  I clicked on it to open it up so see what this is all about and I see this article about what a father did with his son after discovering that his son has become a bully.  You can read the article here.

So the sign reads the following: ” My name is Kayden Robenhorst.  I am guilty of being a bully at Pulaski Middle School. My punishment is the following: 1) 50 Push-ups on the fists 2) 10 Incline Push-ups 3) Running 1 mile at 4:30 AM 4) I will also be doing landscaping to both of my dads houses and 5) I will apologize to the boy I bullied in school in front of the whole class today 3-18-2015.”  This photo was Posted to Kayden’s Facebook page on that day as well.  In the middle of the page it also states ” We stand up for ourselves and beliefs but we do no bully or take advantage of others!”

I have three words for this father:  Great Job Dad!  I think this is genius!  If I had a child and they bullied someone, I would have totally done this to them.  As someone who was bullied in school, I hate it when I hear about all of those kids who are getting bullied and nothing is done about it.  The school won’t help you or sometimes the parents just don’t care “they are just being children” was always the excuse we got.  This is awesome.  I hope that this kid learns his lesson well.

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you think the father went to far with his punishment?  Was he to harsh?  Let me know in the comments below!

March Favorites

Its that time again, another month gone by and I am once again facing my beauty items trying to figure out what are my latest favorites.  So let’s get started!

Powered Countour Cleansing System BlueMy skincare routine hasn’t really changed.  I am washing my face with Olay Va-Va Vivid Cleanser set.  I love this thing.  It is like a clarisonic, but more budget friendly.  I am not really a fan of the cleanser that comes with it because it dries my skin out, but the brush is amazing and it can be used with any facial cleanser.Youth Code™ Serum Intense - Treatments

I am still using the Loreal Youth Code Serum Intense.  I love this stuff.  My skin feels smoother and softer, but firmer and it helps keep the fine lines and wrinkles at bay.  This is usually followed by the Olay Fresh effects Dew Over moisturizing gel and the bright and shine eye cream.  Yep, no change there.


I am also trying to do a facial mask about once a week.  This past month I have really been into the Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar and the Avocado and Oatmeal masks




Foundation hasn’t changed.  I am still loving the Maybelline Fit me Dewy and Smooth In 120 Classic Ivory.   Medium coverage, and light weight.  I actually find that I forget that I’m wearing it.  My blush and finishing powder also hasn’t changed since last month.

My eye makeup changes almost daily, but this month, since we are finally in spring I have really been reaching for the Too Faced A La Mode pallet.  Funny thing is that I saw this pallet and I bought it because I really really liked it and I had never tried their shadows before, so I thought that this would be a good one to start with (this came out before the Chocolate Bar Pallet)  and it got great reviews.  I got it and maybe used it five times and quit.  But recently I have really been into it.  It has great colors for that end of winter, beginning of spring look.  And they are gorgeous colors!  Mascara and Eye liner haven’t changed.

Nail Polish is where its at this month.  I am in love with my Colores De Carol polishes, like madly in love with them.

Favorite band of the month:  If you caught my post the other day about a local band then you can guess where this is headed.  Favorite band this month is The New Translation.

Favorite Book:  Alice in deadland, and that is really only because its the only book that I read this month…sad, I know.  I need to work on that!

So that is it for my monthly favorites!  What are you loving for the month of March?