It’s been a while

I am so sorry for not posting for a while.  Work has been a little insane over the last several weeks.  Let me clue you in a bit.

When I started planning for camp, my goal was to have 50 children enrolled, as of Monday, I have 84 enrolled.  We have outgrown our space at the YMCA, so we have rented a building within walking distance for our base for the camp to use.  It has been an uphill battle, with the building let me tell you , hopefully, we will have it all taken care of soon.  The weather has not been forgiving at all here lately.  This has seriously been the wettest summer I have ever seen, in fact my supervisor told me the other day that she felt like we were living in Seattle.

The kids are having so much fun.  I couldn’t be happier with the way things are working out.  We have also merged with my other YMCA, so that is great news.

I have been a little careless with my spending here as of lately, but that is because there are so many new things that I want to buy and test and review for your all.  I have several things that I am testing as of right now, so look forward to that.  I will try to get back at writing.

I am really trying to get into a schedule, I am trying my best.  I have just been so tired when I come home from work, no matter what time of day I get off.

My life is turning around, and I am excited about that!  More to come on that!  I want to see how things unfold before I tell the world.

So this is my update for now, I will see you all next week…



A  Day late, but o well.  I am so sorry.  I am considering writing all of my posts on Sunday and scheduling them for the week.  Would anyone be opposed to that?

Today, I am sharing with you one of my favorite bands to listen to when I just want to give up.  Last week was extremely stressful.  When I feel overwhelmed I immediately start listening to my “angry music”.  Basically anything that I can bang my head to and be in a mosh pit.  I turn on my ipod, plug in headphones and blow up the volume, until I get lost in the music.  .

Killpop was released on Slipknot’s most recent album .5 The Grey Chapter.  In an interview the group did with Octane radio this particular song is about the music industry.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think?  What kind of music do you listen to when you get overwhelmed or stressed?  What helps you out?  Would you be opposed to me temporarily scheduling my posts, for the summer?


Punishment Gone Too Far?

Yesterday I got an email, my daily email from The Blaze and I see this picture.  I clicked on it to open it up so see what this is all about and I see this article about what a father did with his son after discovering that his son has become a bully.  You can read the article here.

So the sign reads the following: ” My name is Kayden Robenhorst.  I am guilty of being a bully at Pulaski Middle School. My punishment is the following: 1) 50 Push-ups on the fists 2) 10 Incline Push-ups 3) Running 1 mile at 4:30 AM 4) I will also be doing landscaping to both of my dads houses and 5) I will apologize to the boy I bullied in school in front of the whole class today 3-18-2015.”  This photo was Posted to Kayden’s Facebook page on that day as well.  In the middle of the page it also states ” We stand up for ourselves and beliefs but we do no bully or take advantage of others!”

I have three words for this father:  Great Job Dad!  I think this is genius!  If I had a child and they bullied someone, I would have totally done this to them.  As someone who was bullied in school, I hate it when I hear about all of those kids who are getting bullied and nothing is done about it.  The school won’t help you or sometimes the parents just don’t care “they are just being children” was always the excuse we got.  This is awesome.  I hope that this kid learns his lesson well.

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you think the father went to far with his punishment?  Was he to harsh?  Let me know in the comments below!

This is my Brain on Sleep

My week of being sick has finally caught up with me.. I am so exhausted this morning!  I am honestly having issues keeping my eyes open, and I have had my coffee already.  I just don’t understand.  Why is it that if I get the normal amount of sleep I am really really tired all day long, but if I get too little of sleep then I am wide awake for most of the day?

There really isn’t much of a change with me here as of late.  I am still getting over being sick, which sucks.  I typically take longer than most people anyway, but this is ridiculous.  Seriously, let’s be done with this already.  But on the bright side I have finally managed to keep my meals down.  Because of all of the coughing, my gag reflex is in overdrive, so here lately I have been throwing up almost every meal I consume.  Yesterday I finally managed to keep lunch down.  I think part of that is because I have also starting munching on Saltine crackers to help with the stomach issues.

I am still stuck on my 90s music, I just cannot seem to get away from it here lately.  But that okay, because at least its good music.

I am just about finished with my latest read, and you will be seeing that review up on Monday.  Tomorrow there will be a post, but it will not be fitness related.  I have a review set up for tomorrow!  You will want to read it i guarantee it!

The boards of directors from the two YMCA’s that I work at met Monday about the possible merge of the two associations, and they decided after at least an hour and a half meeting that they needed more time to decide.  Which is a plus for me because I can still work 40 hours at both locations and not get penalized for it.  But it also means that I still don’t have any answers about what I am doing for the summer, or if I need to find work elsewhere after the summer.  I am not really a fan of not knowing what I can do, I don’t really like waiting on things like this, because I am a planner….a big planner, like weeks and months ahead.  I am not a procrastinator either, so I really don’t like not knowing what to do.  O well, I guess for now I will just have to enjoy the ride, I mean I can’t really complain too much considering that I am blessed to have two jobs that I love doing.   Most people only have one that they might like on a good day.

I had to replace one of my windshield wipers over the weekend.  We are headed into the wet season here in STL and one of my wipers started to come apart on both ends, so it was time to replace it.  Let me tell you it was witch to get the old one off.  I had to Google it.  Terrible, it know.  But now the new one is so much better than the other wiper…so I may replace that one as well….We shall see.

Okay, so I do actually have a question for all of you beauty lovers.  I am considering getting a new subscription box to possible replace my ipsy bag. Now I am not replacing it because it was a crappy month or because I am just not happy with it overall.  I love my ipsy bag and I think it is a great value, I just want to branch out and try other boxes.  I want something in the same price range that is worth it.  I have mixed thoughts on birch box, I have seen several videos and reviews to know that they are really a hit and miss company.  So I am asking you for your advise and thoughts.  What subscription box should I try next?

Friday the Thirteenth

Just thought I would celebrate our second Friday the 13th with you!  My day has already gotten off to a great start….my tire pressure light was on this morning when I started my car….and its raining!  Needless to say, its Friday and the most unluckiest of them thus far!  Good Luck today!

Sick of being sick

As I posted to other day, I am back from the bed, and tired of being sick.  Oh am I tired of being sick!

Yes, I still had to work during being sick after I was no longer contagious with Strep.  I can’t complain too much because I got to catch up on some much needed rest and just got re relax a bit.  I geeked out on Dr. Who, what else? And I ate a lot of Chicken soup.

I have always hated being sick.  I can remember when I was younger wishing to get sick so I could miss out on school….at least that was before I got strep….which has been my enemy from about third grade on.  Now a days whenever I do get sick, I am knocked down for the count.  If its a cold I can usually just work through it, but anything respiratory related and I am done for!

Getting sick this time isn’t really a surprise considering almost everyone around me is sick in one way or the other.  So when I wasn’t working or trying to get into the doctor I was in bed in recovery.

After finally getting into the doctor I was actually astonished with my diagnosis.  So the doctor put me on a rescue inhaler because I was extremely winded from just walking the 20 feet from waiting room to exam room, and my albuterol dosage was upped for the time being.  Yay for me!  More meds that I don’t really want to take, in fact I have yet to use the rescue inhaler because I haven’t needed it and I usually only use the albuterol at night to keep my lungs open.

So I finished all the last two seasons of doctor who, the last season with Matt Smith, who by the way is my favorite doctor and the first season with Peter Capaldi…In case you were wondering My top three Doctors are as follows:  Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Peter Capaldi.  I am too young to really remember the others as this show has been on television since 1967 and I didn’t get into it until the last couple of years.

Being sick lead to several good things though.  No, I did not get to finish my book, I was too out of it to even consider reading it, so when I get that finished It will be here.  I got to clean up the house and disinfect everything, that’s a total plus considering I live with two grown men.  I got to raid my music library for lost favorites and memories.  I got the time to sit back and relax, well for a little while anyway.  I got to play with the organization of some of the items that I haven’t quite figured out yet.  And I got to catch up on sleep.

Do you ever get the “I don’t want to go back to work or do anything other than sit here and relax” mentality after being in bed sick for a couple of days?  I am so guilty of that.  I kind of get into this rut or state of mind that I don’t need or want to get up or do anything, and I think it has a lot to do with my personality or just who I am.  I am one of those people that once I actually get myself up and motivated, I will go go go all day long until I drop.  But if I just sit in bed and don’t even attempt to get up or do anything, I will literally stay there all day.  Is anyone else like that?  I mean I am not saying that I am a lazy person, I am the total opposite, but sometimes I think my body wants me to slow down some times and I just can’t.  Like there is a permanent on switch and I can’t find it to shut it off.

I don’t know. I think I am just rambling at this point, I haven’t talked to you all in a week and it got to me!

What do you do when you are home sick?  What are your rituals and remedy’s for a quick recovery?

Its getting worse

If you know me personally you probably know that I am pretty prone to getting headaches.  Most of the time if I can get into a room with no lights or sound, I can make it go away, but if I can’t then Advil usually gets rid of it.  I will have a migraine one or twice a month, nothing too severe but they are crippling.  I can’t focus on anything but the pain.  Excedrin migraine usually does the trick.  Being someone who works long hours, I try as hard as I can to not take any medicine or let it become a migraine.  I am light and sound sensitive.

tension-headacheMost of my headaches center more towards the temples and behind my eyes.  But here lately that hasn’t been the case.  In fact, my headache situation has been acting like they are on steroids.  For the last two weeks I wake up with a headache, I will get one during the day, and I will go to bed with a headache…totally not exaggerating this either.  And the pain is all over, not just in focused areas.  It’s not normal for me or anyone that I know for that matter to have them so frequently.  They aren’t little hunger aches, or the normal tension headache, these are stabbing and debilitating.  I have been having to stop what I’m doing and lay down with no lights or sound, and taking Advil or Excedrin to relieve the pain and nothing works.  The problem with these are that the longer my head throbs, the more useless I become.

Example, yesterday, I wasn’t really doing a whole lot of anything, researching new computers but that is about it.  I got this headache, did my normal routine and it got worse.  I decided to take a small nap, thinking that it would help out, but it didn’t.  I ate some a small handful of pretzels and what do you know, it fixed it, even if only for an hour.  Here is the problem I have with food being the cure.  I am not a big snacker, or a big sweets person.  The other issue that  I have with this is that I am not hungry when I get these headaches and eating only makes me eat unwanted things and makes me sick when I eat when I’m not hungry.

My father has suggested that I go and see a doctor about it, and I have every intention to do so.  I just need to wait for my healthcare plan welcome kit to actually come in so I can move forward.  I am kind of concerned with it because I have never been one of those people who call off of work because of a headache.  I don’t want to be either, I can’t afford to.

If you have any suggestions about this please let me know.  What do you do to alleviate your headaches?

God’s Test?

If you recall over the summer I was in a car accident and I decided to replace my car since the insurance company wouldn’t total it out like it should have been.  So I traded in my 2003 Mercury Sable (not exactly eye-catching but a nice car all the same) for a 2012 Hyundai Accent hatchback.

It’s a nice little car, and I really really love it.  It gets great mileage, it’s a safe car, and its a perfect fit for my lifestyle.  And with newer cars comes less of a headache Right?  Apparently not with this one.  Right after I bought it I found a leak in the trunk and the dealership mechanics told me that I was crazy.  12 car washes and three attempts later, they got it right and it turned out that when the car was assembled, they forgot to seal the trunk so at least I didn’t have to pay for that repair.  Not only did they have to fix the leak, but they also had to replace several internal parts because they had rusted out.  Great, this is what I get for buying a $14, 000 car.  So not cool!  My first oil change comes and goes without a hitch, no issues other than they want me to spend $150 on a fuel injector cleaning….didn’t have the money at the time to do that, so I skipped on it for the time being.

Weeks go by and there are no issues at all, it runs great, I am finally getting used to the way it drives and handles.  Sunday my brother and I pack up the car to head to the laundry mat.  Everything is all packed up and ready to go, I start the car…..and it doesn’t start.  Interestingly enough, I just had the thing on no more than 20 minutes prior to our departure.  Go Figure!!!!!!!!  I am so not happy! So my brother gets out the battery charger and hooks it up, and I have less than 25% of the battery life….great.  One more thing to add to my frustrations this week right?  So we leave the charger hooked up, pack up my brothers car and head out.

2 hours later my brother goes out to look at it and the dial on the charger hasn’t moved an inch.  So he tries to start it…..and it starts right up!  No joke.  So we let it run, go in and eat dinner and head out to the local Autozone to have the battery, starter and alternator tested, just in case.

The results from the test?  A bad battery, and the cost of that battery?  $120.  Ouch!  Seriously?!?!!?  Why does it have to cost so much to have and maintain a car?  The guy that I was working with at the store said that my battery is brand new,  there is a full charge, but it’s not putting out enough to get it to start.  not cool!  There is no reason for this to be happening.  So he goes in and gives me a quote on a new battery, and tells me that my battery is actually smaller than their computer recommends.

At the moment I can’t really afford a new battery….until I get paid this Friday.  So I am using my brothers car when I have to travel for my second job, since that is a half hour commute. But I will also look at my warranty to see if the battery is covered since a lot of forums say that a battery if covered by Hyundai if its two years or younger.  I will have to check that out!

I will report back when I have more information.  It’s just frustrating to have to deal with this nonsense with a newer car.  I would be more understanding if it was my mercury, but its not….grrrrr.  Sunday was just an all out bad day for me.  Sunday is God’s day of rest, but in reality it was God’s Day to Test Alexus…..grrrr.

To top it all off my computer died on me on Sunday. I was working on some things for school and work and it went blue screen…  I had that issues before I switched from Vista to Windows 7.  Dad says that I need a new computer…Sunday was just not a good day for me……


Fitness Postone

So my journey hasn’t gone as I planned.  I am just so busy and when I do have the opportunity to actually to work out, I am so exhausted that the thought of working out stresses me out.  Not good, I know, but I am still keeping up with the water and healthy eating, as a bridge until I can get some time and motivation to actually work out.  So yeah…