Lemming/Wish List

Almost all nail polish/beauty bloggers have a lemming list.  What is a lemming?  An item or object that you really want.  So below is my current lemming list.

  1. China Glaze- It’s Alive
  2.  Dollish Polish- Walker Bait
  3.  Picture Polish- Cosmos
  4.  Picture Polish- Freya’s Cat
  5.  Picture Polish- Hope
  6.  Picture Polish- Imperial
  7.  Picture Polish- O’hara
  8.  Picture Polish- Starry Night
  9.  OPI Designer series- Lapis
  10.  Butter London- No More Waity Katie
  11.  OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  12.  Chanel- Ciel De Nuit
  13.  OPI- Want to bite my neck?
  14.  Enchanted Polish- Future Reflections
  15.  OPI- My Private Jet (original Holo)
  16.  Zoya- Dream
  17.  Color club- 2012 Halo Hues
  18.  Michael Kors- Impulse
  19.  Marc Jacobs- Petra
  20.  Marc Jacobs- le charm
  21. F.U.N. Lacquer- Evening Gown
  22. Loreal Paris- Masked Affair
  23. Color Club- Magic Attraction
  24. ILNP Spring 2015 Collection

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