extended absence

Hey all you wonderful readers.  I am so sorry for my absence my life has been absolutely insane.

Summer camp was a huge success.  And I immediately fell back into school and my love life.  I have so many new posts planned and I am trying to carve out the time to get them written and posted.

Thank you for being so patient with me!


It’s been a while

I am so sorry for not posting for a while.  Work has been a little insane over the last several weeks.  Let me clue you in a bit.

When I started planning for camp, my goal was to have 50 children enrolled, as of Monday, I have 84 enrolled.  We have outgrown our space at the YMCA, so we have rented a building within walking distance for our base for the camp to use.  It has been an uphill battle, with the building let me tell you , hopefully, we will have it all taken care of soon.  The weather has not been forgiving at all here lately.  This has seriously been the wettest summer I have ever seen, in fact my supervisor told me the other day that she felt like we were living in Seattle.

The kids are having so much fun.  I couldn’t be happier with the way things are working out.  We have also merged with my other YMCA, so that is great news.

I have been a little careless with my spending here as of lately, but that is because there are so many new things that I want to buy and test and review for your all.  I have several things that I am testing as of right now, so look forward to that.  I will try to get back at writing.

I am really trying to get into a schedule, I am trying my best.  I have just been so tired when I come home from work, no matter what time of day I get off.

My life is turning around, and I am excited about that!  More to come on that!  I want to see how things unfold before I tell the world.

So this is my update for now, I will see you all next week…

Spirit Sticks and Sunburns

Today was just awesome!  Today my campers went to the Annual Association Field Day at one of our branches.

This was our second field trip, and overall things turned out pretty great.  The Association Field Day is where all of the Camps that are apart of our association gather together in one location to be together, be loud and proud and to play games together.  Today there were five of our branches in attendance.  We had a total of about 40 kids today.  We were small, but we were mighty.

I was kind of concerned about the weather, and another canceled trip, but they decided to go ahead.  When we got to our destination, we were a little lost, none of us had been to one of these before.  They started this several years, after I stopped working as a counselor at my other YMCA.  I met up with another camp director, and she was trying to get some answers as to where we should go.  After getting some answers, I took my kids to the port a potties for a bathroom break and to the gym to await the other camps to show up to start.  The weather wasn’t very cooperative at first, it wasn’t raining, it was misting, but it was enough to drive us inside.

We finally got things started and completed our opening ceremony and were off for lunch before games.  We were asked to plan a water game and a dry game to teach to the other camps as they rotated between stations, but that didn’t work out.  They decided that we weren’t going to do the water games, and that we would just fall in line with another camp and follow them.  There didn’t end up being a rotation, but we made do.

We played many a game with our campers and some of the other camps decided to join in our fun.  We played Bob the Weasel and it was so catchy that as I was doing my rounds between my groups I saw that other groups were playing as well.  We sang several camp songs and yelled numerous chants.  By 1:00 the sun was starting to peak through and the humidity began to rise and my campers got really tired and restless so I decided that we were going to play the games that I had planned to teach, which were some of our favorite games.  We started out with the leaky cup challenge.

You split your group up into two teams.  You need two cups with holes in them and four buckets, two filled with water. Your teams use the cups and fill them with water race to the other end of the boundary and put the remainder of the water in the empty bucket.  The team that fills the bucket up first wins, or in our case gets to dump the bucket of water on a counselor.  Our kids had so much fun that other camps wanted to join in.

We finished up around 2 and started heading to the bathrooms for our final bathroom break before hitting the bus and to hydrate after running around like crazy.  We took a giant all association picture.  And then we were told that we had to stay for closing ceremony.  So we gathered our campers up in the field behind the YMCA that we were at and waited.  They were getting restless again so we sang some more songs and yelled some more chants until the event coordinator came out to close out the day.  He took his spirit stick and played a chanting game with each branch, the higher the stick was in the air the louder we were to get, the lower to the ground the quieter we needed to be.  He thanked everyone for their participation and tallied up all of the points.  Then he said that there was one branch that showed great sportsmanship, were really excited and pumped up, good listeners, well-behaved and embodied the Four Core Values of the YMCA.  Can you guess who?  Before I tell you who, I want to explain what this all means.

Each year the Spirit Stick is awarded to Y Camp that meets the criteria listed above.  Since starting this, one branch almost always wins.  When you are awarded the Spirit Stick, you get to take it with you for the rest of summer, and bring it back next season for the next Association Field Day.  You also get to make your mark on it, and receive bragging rights among the association.

So if you guess my camp, your right!  Not only was it our first time attending the Field Day but it is also our first outing after becoming apart of the association!  I am so proud of my campers.  They were so excited.  None of them thought that they would get it.  So this weekend, I will be purchasing a Kelly green spoon of ribbon and a white or silver paint marker and making our mark on the Spirit Stick.  By the end of the day myself and some of the other counselors had a little bit of a sunburn on our faces, but when most of the day if over cast you don’t really think about using sun screen….o well…

field day 2

I am so proud of my campers.  They behaved very well today, the listened every time.  They were amazing.  Today was an amazing day!

Long Time….No Words

I am sorry that I have not been able to write in two weeks.  I have been extremely busy here in the last few weeks.  An explanation is in order.

As some of you may know I work for a YMCA and I was chosen to be the Camp Director.  The last few weeks have been filled with planning, hiring and training.  Monday was our first day on camp.

Things are hit and miss.  We got rain and cold weather on day one, which in my book, doesn’t really count.  Last year their camp consisted of swimming, free time and more swimming and free time.  This year we are changing this up.  Most parents have accepted out new way of thinking.  The kids weren’t too happy with it at first, but now that they have been exposed to new ideas and games, they are all gung-ho. Most Parents weren’t thrilled about he new paper work, but with merging companies comes new policies and procedures.  After we explained the new papers they were a little more understanding about the change.

Friday was great.  Parents were calling and telling us just how happy and impressed they were with the first week of camp.  Their kids would come home and talk about their days and the things they did and then pass out at bed time.  When I heard about that I was elated.  My work has paid off.  Parent’s are finally happy with the camp program.

My goal this year was to have 50 children signed up.  My boss didn’t expect more than 20.  After collecting all of the new paperwork from campers that didn’t register in advance, we have 70 campers registered, and no less than 50 each week.  I am flabbergasted.  Seriously stunned.  Its pretty much split down the middle, 50% returning campers and 50% new campers.  I couldn’t be happier.

Thursday night I ended up with whatever is going around.  Everyone I am surrounded with has it.  So, yes I am sick once again.

My goal is to keep up with my uploading schedule as it stands now, but I cannot guarantee content everyday, as I am a very busy woman this summer.  I have so much that I want to share with you and I apologize for not getting anything posted for the last two weeks.


So I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I really needed a change.   So I did my homework and decided that Balayage was the best choice for me.  My hair had completly grown out the color and I was left with my natural hair color which has gotten really dark over the past year.  It was flat and needed life.  So after an extensive amount of research I decided to go with balayage.

I wanted something that was easy to manage and something that I didn’t have to get touched up every 6 weeks.  Balayage is fairly new to the hair world and to me.  Balayage is french for sweeping.  Basically the hair stylist sweeps color onto your hair to create a natural sun kissed look.  Google has it defined as: “a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.”

So after much deliberation and saving of the moola I decided that this was the best option and did my homework on which place I wanted to go.  I wanted to go to my cousin’s salon, but she didn’t have anyone that knew what I was talking about or how to do it.  So I did more research.  I came across The Mane Attraction in Collinsville, Il.  I called them up and made an appointment.  Laurie Anderson was my stylist she talked to me about what I was looking for and we were both on the same page.  She suggested balayage, I agree and we went to work.  So she painted my hair with her stuff and created a natural look or ombre to my hair.  The whole thing only took about an hour and a half, but what a difference it made.  I went from my flat natural boring hair color to this amazing difference.

Laurie did such an amazing job.  I absolutely love what she has done for me.  I have recommended her to all of my friends and family.  It has been about two weeks since I got it done.  I seriously cannot stop looking at it every chance I get.  I love it so.  It added light and texture to my hair making it look not so dull and lifeless.  I love it.

Laurie if you are reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have completely changed my look.  People have noticed that something is different, but they can’t figure out what it is.

I couldn’t find a current before picture but below is the results from Laurie’s work.  If you are ever in the area and are looking to change things up with your hair, check out The Mane Attraction and Laurie!  You won’t regret it!

My room update.

Okay so here is the much requested post on my room transformation.  I do not at the moment have the before pictures, but I am working on it.  I need to figure out a way to get them scanned in.


Okay so here is the view from the hallway.  This is my room.   Its really small.  And yes I know.  It is also very purple.  My mother and I painted the back wall together.  It is over lapping blocks of different shades of purple. And yes there is a piano in the corner.   Its my instrument of choice.20150329_172608

Here is a shot of my bed, with my dog on it.  Of course, she had to get involved.  I have a small obsession with masks.  I love how each one is different.  Yes there is a color scheme, but not on purpose.  Under the bed skirt is my under bed skirt shoe storage.  I love this thing.  It is so convenient.  The basket at the bottom right of the photo is where I keep all of my extra pillows.  Yes, I also have an obsession with Daryl Dixon…Don’t judge me.


okay, next up is my dresser.  On top we have my remote caddy.  I love this.  I use it for more than just my remotes.  It houses just about anything that I see fit.  Next to that is my speakers for my iPod, my phone and a box that was full of tissues, but is just to perfect to throw away, so I am using it to store little random things.  I usually place my current book or one I plan to read on here was well.  Other items here are a candle and a small vase for candy and little treats…and a coaster for my cups.  Next I will take you through my drawers.


First Drawer is my unmentionables.  I made this organizer out of duct tape and foam board and it has changed my life.  Seriously.  I no longer have to search in my drawers for a pair of socks, or to find the exact thing that I want.  Seriously….life changing.


This drawers is where all of my workout pants and leggings are housed.  They are all on the right side of the drawer. My shorts are rolled up in the middle and my t-shirts are on the left.  This is easy to find and if I am in a rush and rip something out of the drawer, I don’t have to worry about fixing it when I come back because they stay in place.


Last but not least is my t-shirt drawer.  This method of folding has again changed my life.  I can fit almost all of my shirts in one drawer.  I can see what I have and I don’t have to destroy the drawer to find what I am looking for.  if I pull out a shirt to wear, the others stay in place.  This is life changing stuff people.


Here is a picture of my collage of pictures.  I have so many that I decided to put them all up instead of stacking them in the closet and I feel better about it.  Now my family and friends are always on display.  Not that anyone ever comes back here.


Moving on to my book shelf.  This is where the magic is.  On top of my book shelf are items that are either antique  or are special to me.  The next shelf is my music….not all of it, but some.  Then we get to the books.  Lots of Books.  I actually had to reorganize them so they looked better than just shoved in.  More photos and things are on the shelves.  My DVD collection and my tall boy, which is where my TV and receiver and alarm clock are at.


This is what my tall boy looks like on the inside.  top shelf is candles, flashlights, cds, and my emergency sewing kit is located.  the next shelf is where I house my laptop, my expandable memory and my jewelry box…Nothing of value really.  the bottom shelf has two black boxes.  One holds my pj’s and the other is bath stuff, hats and extra supplies.  in the middle is my favorite shower gel and a CD case.  The bottom two drawers house my swimsuits, and crafting supplies.  No pictures though…sorry


Next is my audio tower.  On top are two antique lamps and a vase with a lily in it.  more photos of my family and my mother’s urn that is housed in an angel candle holder.  next shelf is a mishmash of things.  Here you will find, my skin care items, make up wipes, hair brushes, lotions, germ x face masks and lint rollers.  Next shelf houses, two small jewelry boxes with nothing in them, and hair products and accessories.  The next shelf is my Wii, games and remotes, my box of beauty products that I rarely use, and 20150329_172537 (1)some perfumes.  The last shelf is full of makeup bags, pens and pencils.

The shelving unit next to it is where all of my precious moments, and other fragile collectibles are at.


Next is the closet.  YAY!  This was always one of my problem areas.  When I was a kid, and had to clean my room….this is where it would all go. But now I have it all organized.  One tub contains travel bags and the other is some stuff for my apartment, if I ever move out of my dad’s house. On top is my bag that I take with me every day and some other odds and ends that look better than just a Tupperware container sitting here.


Last but not least.  my makeup and jewelry corner.  On the wall I have made a set of picture frames with a netting in the middle and this is where I store my dangle earrings.  the polka dotted thing next to it is for my stud or post earrings.  Above that is a key holder where I store my necklaces.  On the stool is my acrylic make-up case and next to that is where I put my extra make-up, ipsy bags and my curling iron/wand and straightener.  On top of my acrylic case is my make-up brushes, my 20150329_172553beauty blender a chap stick, a facial serum and oil, a setting spray and my favorite hair serum.  In the other container is lippies and mascara’s that are too big to fit in the case.  Top two drawers of my case are all about eyes, the middle is blushes and eyes, and the last one is foundation, blush, primers and a couple of lippies.

So there is my wonderful little world.  To keep this up is difficult but not impossible.  I am a girl and I work a lot so typically through out the week things are just strewn all over the floor and surfaces.  But on a night that I have ten minutes, I pick everything up and put it back where it belongs.  I usually grab the white basket by my stool and put go around the room and put everything that doesn’t belong where it is currently at in there.  Then I make another sweep and put it in their rightful place.  Last sweep of the room is to tidy anything up that I may have missed and pick things up off of the floor and put them on the bed so I can vacuum.  I try to vacuum at least once a week.  We have wood floors so its easy to clean up.  So let me know what you think.  If you have been trying to get yourself organized I hope that this was inspiration.

Dark skies on the Virtual Horizon

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

As I was lifeguarding last night I had to keep telling this kid to “stop running on the pool deck”.  Same child had to be told about eight times in an hour and a half.  We have summer warm up going right now for summer swim teams.  This child has to be told every day not to run.  So when he did it on the nineth time I called him over to talk to him about it.  And I asked him what he continues to run even though he knows that I will call him out on it.  His response?  Because I forget that you can’t run.  Even though there are signs all over the room and building that state “no running on the pool deck”?  So I tell him that if he does it again I will have to sit him out for a few minutes as a consequence of running.  I have let this go on too long at this point.

So as I am making my point very clear as to why people aren’t allowed to run ( slipping and falling is never fun, let alone on a slippery pool deck, you could get seriously injured right?) So as soon as I am done with my little speech on running I tell this kid just to hit it home, ” make sure you run, don’t walk.”

Yep you read that right I completely screwed up and totally didn’t realize it until the kid gave me the funniest look of confusion.  I was so sure of what I was saying to him that I didn’t realize what I said until the swim coach came over and corrected my statement.

But that got me thinking.  We all lead extremely busy lives.  So much that we practically run though them.  We leave no time for “me time.”  Which is probably why my headaches are getting worse and I need to work on that.

I guess what I am saying is that while we may run though our lives with our busy schedule and events and plans, we also need to remember to slow down and walk.  Because you never really know what you will miss if you don’t stop.

So the moral of the day: “don’t run, walk.”

Size Matters

Today’s Prompt: Where did you live when you were 12 years old?Which town, city, and country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding school or foster home? An airstream or an RV? Who lived there with you?

Twelve years old…Now that’s a memory.  I am 12, and living in the same house I do now.  I have always lived in the St. Louis Metro or city region.  I have been living in this house forever.  I am in the 6th Grade, in Mr. B’s class.  It’s the year 2001.

I grew up in this neighborhood in this little town that is surrounded by much larger cities.  Our small population of 7000 is nothing compared to the cities surrounding us in any direction.  In fact the farming town east of us has more people living in it than we do.  My neighborhood, it isn’t a neighborhood, its a mile long road really.  A safe place where kids can ride their bikes and run around the streets without a care.  I always thought it was pretty cool that we had age groups in my neighborhood.  I had, and still have, a group of people my age to play with, my brother had his and then there were the teens and young adults of course.

I ran around with a group of boys and another girl.  We were all within nine months of each other in age.  We loved every minute of it!  I was the oldest, but the shortest. We were out at 6 am playing, went to each others house for lunch and were back at it until the street lights came on.  We were inseparable, even at school.  We would play hockey, or climb in the woods together.  We had a blast.  We were like family.  We stuck up for each other at school, at home, and everywhere in between.  When the teens would bully us we would stand tall and together and nothing could touch us.  Our neighborhood was pretty well hidden, so playing in the streets were a must.  We only had to dodge a few cars every now and then.  The boys always wanted to play chicken.  When the fall hit we would work together at each others houses and rake leaves into a big pile and jump on them.  Our parent’s really loved that.  We would choose a different bus stop every day to get on and off together.  When the snow came every one came down to my house because I had this giant hill where the road ends and we would go sledding and build snowmen at my house.  After we shoveled the driveways of course.  My favorite were the snowball fights and mom bringing out hot chocolate when we were all really tired and cold.  Spring was a little harder, my yard would always flood because we are at the bottom of a hill and the neighborhood drains into our yard.  We didn’t really do much until the weather would calm down.  I usually went to the Johnson’s house to play with Mary in the spring.  It was really the only time we would do girlie things.

We had a blast.  When we were at school, we were in separate classes but always found each other at recess.  And we would always continue our adventures.  We added in a few people here and there as the neighborhood grew and expanded and people moved away.  But for the most part we stayed a tight knit group throughout our childhood and early adult years.

I loved every second of it.  At times, we remind our selves when we see each other.  Most of us still keep in touch.  Some of us still live at home and see each other on a weekly basis.  We still stick up for each other if we notice something is amiss.  My hope is that it will remain like this for as long as we live.

I apologize for not completing this.  Those of you that have been following me for a while, know that I suffer from some pretty severe headaches, and yesterday was no exception.  I had most of this written, I just couldn’t finish it.

School Sends Girl Home

I was on my facebook this morning perusing for a photo of my dog ( see previous post) When I came across this article.

School Sends Girl Home

The article states that this girl was sent home for inappropriate dress.  Look at the photos and tell me how she is dressed inappropriately?  Do you feel like women are being picked on?  I mean if we wear something too provocative we are labeled something that we are not, but if we cover everything up and dress conservatively then we are dressed inappropriate?  Please tell me how that works?  Ladies, any thoughts on this?