weight loss roller coaster

So I have officially hit my first uphill battle with my weight loss journey.  I have gained almost two pounds this week.  And when I look back at everything that I have eaten over the past week, it really doesn’t surprise me one bit.

This past week has been extremely busy to say the least.  The issue is that when my schedule gets insane, my eating  habits go out the window and its back to eating out of a greasy bag.  This is a habit that I have to fix, no questions asked.

Here has been the bad food I have eaten in the last week.  Friday my sister and I went out shopping for stuff for a wedding we were at on saturday, so that means that we went out to eat.  We went to Charley’s in the local mall.  I came home after work to turn around and pick up pizza because that is what dad ordered for dinner.  Saturday involved a protein shake in the morning, driving to and from Soulard Market for a wedding and stopping at McDonald’s for lunch.  We were starving.  From there we went out to Scott AF Base for the reception and of course had dinner there, wedding cake and frozen yogurt…Who knew that one glass of wine could set me back four points.  Sunday was a terrible eating day.  Dad and I went to ihop for breakfast, then my brother wanted steak and shake for lunch and I came home to baked chicken for dinner.  Monday was actually decent, I stayed on track for the most part.  No unhealthy foods there.  Tuesday was the same, except that I came home only to turn right around to pick up Apple-bee’s for dinner.  I stayed on the low-calorie side of the menu….still didn’t help that much.  Wednesday was a protein shake and an apple for breakfast, subway for lunch, and McDonald’s for dinner.  Yesterday was Hardee’s for breakfast because I totally spaced and left breakfast at home, and lotawata creek for lunch where I ordered the lunch size chicken ceaser salad….and no dinner.

I jump on the scale this morning and wouldn’t you know it i gained 1.6 pounds. No surprise there.  It’s just so easy when you have an insane schedule like mine to just stop off at the closest fast food joint and be on your way.  So this week I am really focusing on eating healthier and adding in more exercise.


Week 2

My journey is coming along really well.  No complaints really.  I started weight watchers a little over a week ago and its been pretty easy.  I know, I know, its only the first couple of weeks and everyone looses a bunch to start off.

Since starting this I have lost 7 lbs and its only the second week.  I am really proud of myself.  My father’s dinner’s don’t help, but that’s okay.  I started off with 33 points a day and now I am down to 32.  Not that big of a deal, but still it can pose a challenge.

I am really excited about all of this.  Weight loss in the past has always been an issue.  Nothing really worked, not that I was really truly trying to be honest with you.  But I never really realized just how much I had gained since starting College.  So yeah

I am down almost 7 lbs since starting.  I feel good about it.  I am already noticing a change in my clothes.  I am not as hungry as I thought I would be, considering weight watchers is more about portion control and eating correctly.

My breakfast has been consisted of a smoothie of whatever I can come up with.  I really like the Dole Smoothie Shakers, just add a little Tropicana 50 orange juice and shake and you are good to go.  They are really great on days that I work early.  They taste great too. Then followed by a protein shake and a work out or walk whenever I get home.  Lunch is usually a salad of some sort or whatever recipe I can pull of the weight watchers website.  Snack is usually some sort of fruit, and dinner is either something I made or something that dad has put together.  I don’t usually eat something afterwords but yesterday I picked up a box of those Weight Watchers frozen yogurt bars and omg were they amazing.

My weight seems to fluctuate during the afternoon into evening hours.  I have been weighing myself first thing in the morning.  Most of my research says that that is the best time to do it anyway.  I weigh in every couple of days to see how I am progressing.

So that is my update.  Check back every week to see more updates.  I really need recommendations for exercises though.  I am new to that whole aspect of this, with the exception of swimming.  Leave me a comment below!



So I went to the doctor on Monday.  It wasn’t bad news but it wasn’t completely happy news either.

My blood work came back and everything is perfect with the exception of my blood pressure and blood sugar.  They weren’t extremely high, but high enough that he is concerned.

We talked about my migraines and the terrible reaction I had from the imitrex.  He wasn’t happy when I told him about my reaction.  If I didn’t tell you before.  The Nurse Practitioner gave me imitrex for my migraines.  She told me to take it if I couldn’t get them under control.  Well about a week later I took it and omg.  I went  from having a migraine to a bomb going off in my head.  The pain was so intense.  I was on the phone with someone when it kicked in and I stopped talking.  I couldn’t focus on anything but the pain because it was so sudden and disabling.  It was so bad that I couldn’t form a coherent sentence.  I hung up the phone and took an hour and a half nap.  It helped, but it just wasn’t enough.  I ended up going to work with the worst migraine on the face of the planet.  I got sent home early.  I was crabby and crying it was so intense.  I have honestly never experienced anything like that ever.  I will never take that medication again.

So the doctor put me on tramadol.  Yay!  Another medication!  He told me it was a pain killer, but non-dependent, non-narcotic and it was low-grade.  I haven’t tried it yet because he told me to do it on a weekend first to see how I react to the medication because it can cause drowsiness.  So I will report back with that one.

The other thing we talked about was my weight.  Now I am by no means a small woman.  I am not extremely over weight, but I’m not skinny either.  The photo for my profile picture is several years old.  So we talked about what needs to change.  I have been working on loosing weight, but with my schedule as it is at the moment, its hard to schedule it in.  So he suggested a weight loss program.  His office offers a program, but financially it was just too far out of reach.

So we talked about some other alternatives.  He suggested Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.  I know what you are thinking.  That’s a lot of work and time that I just don’t have the time to devote to it.  I thought the same thing.  But then I realized that a program is just what I needed to keep me on track.  Doctor wants me to loose 50 pounds in 6 months.  Doable right?  I think so.  That is just u over 8 lbs a month.  Not to bad.  So I joined.  It’s not really in my budget, but I figured if I followed what the program offered and but out most of the fast food, I would be able to afford it.  $20 a month isn’t all that bad anyway, considering i spend $10 a month on the ipsy bag.

My first weigh in was this morning.  I am down two lbs since starting.  I am pretty excited about that!

I really like Weight Watchers.  I still get to eat what I want to.  I am not really hungry either.  I can snack on fruit and veggies all day because they don’t have a point value.  Water is always within reach anyway.  I have stopped eating out of a bag from a fast food joint.  Breakfast now consists of coffee, a smoothie and a protein shake.  Lunch?  Yesterday my brother and I made blt sandwiches!  Seriously!  They were really good and filling.  I made my dinner right after we finished lunch and took it to work to eat.  It was amazing.  Penne pasta with spinach and tomatoes.  It was really good.  Everyone at work wanted some!

Do I have decided to continue on with Fitness Fridays as a weight loss journey, diary and a way to on track.  Friday’s are my weigh in days so I thought it appropriate to just update you on it then.

This program is easy to follow.  You are given a certain number of points each day and you have to use them all.  You are also given a certain number of extra points to splurge.  You can eat what you want, as long as it’s in moderation.  If you run out of points before the day is up you can trade your activity points for food points, as long as you stay active that is.

The dietary part of this is just one part of my struggle, but its the biggest part of my struggle.  Because my schedule is so crazy, I have gotten into the habit of eating on the go, so it was just easier to go to the drive through and eat on the run.  I have to stop that.  But I also have to find a way to eat healthy while on the go.

So if you have any suggestions for me please feel free to leave them below!  Thank you for coming with me on my journey!  I need all the support I can get!


Fitness Postone

So my journey hasn’t gone as I planned.  I am just so busy and when I do have the opportunity to actually to work out, I am so exhausted that the thought of working out stresses me out.  Not good, I know, but I am still keeping up with the water and healthy eating, as a bridge until I can get some time and motivation to actually work out.  So yeah…


Week 1

So this week was the official start of my weight loss journey.  Have I lost anything yet?  Yes,only three lbs, but I feel so much better after this week of working out. This week we started on Monday and worked out together for about a half hour.

Because we are just getting back into it we are easing our way in.  Monday we both were on the treadmill, I walked a mile at a speed of 3.5, and worked on the evil machine for about 5 minutes, if you don’t know what that is, holy hell!  That’s not really what its called but I don’t remember the name so that is what I’m calling it!  My legs were burning and were jelly by the time we finished that.  I got about a quarter of a mile in before I had to stop.  My friend, lets call her Sally, did some reps on am arm machine, but I am not really into the machines, so I went off and worked on my core and did about 75 crunches or so.  Again, we are just getting back into the swing of this so we are taking it easy to start.  Don’t judge, I don’t want to over do it and hurt something or wear myself out.

Tuesday: we went our separate ways, with Sally in the workout room and I in the pool, as a lifeguard, it is important for us to keep up our swimming endurance, so I swam for about 45 minutes.  I swam about a mile, which if you have never swam a mile, its like running a marathon.

Wednesday, because I worm from 8-8 is my day off, so nothing to report there.

Thursday: I walked about a mile and a half on a 3.5 speed, biked for 2 miles, and did another 50 crunches and another five minutes on the evil machine.

Friday: was the same as monday.

Saturday: I will swim a 500-1000 meters, depending on what time I have to swim.

Sunday: another day off, nothing to report here.

So overall a good week for us.  I can’t really complain, I stayed the course, even though I really didn’t want to, staying home in the cold weather reading a book is way to inviting.

Working out has really changed my eating habits, not that I am not a healthy eater to begin with, but I am eating more salads than sandwiches, and more fruit and veggies than cereal or granola bars.  So here’s to the first week of my journey.  What are your goals for getting healthier?


Fitness Journey

Hey all, this is kind of a touchy subject for me as I am a super sensitive person.  But here it goes.  In order to create more content on here and to ensure that I actually do complete my fitness journey I have decided to start a weekly installment here for you all.

So as the new year starts we all have our resolutions and most of us choose to become healthier, I am among those that do.  Now, not saying that I am not healthy, I am not sick very often, and I eat fairly healthy, but my weight is of concern.  I am by no means skinny, but I am not obese either. I am not exactly happy with the way that I look in the mirror, so I have decided to start this journey and I am taking you along with me.

My first day of working out starts today, as I will be swimming, and my goal for that is to swim a half mile today.  I have a new swim procedure that I want to try out.  My goal is to do some kind of fitness 4-5 days a week, and take two days off.  My best friend will be joining me on the journey, because they say that when you have a partner, things just work out easier.  Plus we both need  the encouragement!